Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal :)

"Blue Car" again.
This song enchants me always with this image of the car apparently empty, but with of the small kid behind the wheel, as if the car was rolling alone.
To all the kids inside us, Merry Xmas :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tuesday's over

Dedicated to all those who give their souls, their hearts and their lives ... for a living.
And sending a special hug from Lisbon to Berlin.

"Feira da Ladra" (The Thiefwoman's Market) is a Lisbon's traditional Flea Market that exists since the 13th century, happening every Tuesday and Saturday.

Ash day (day of Fasting) is the Wednesday after Carnival. It's applied in this song only metaphorically.

It's Tuesday _ The Flea Market _ opens today at 5 in the morning
And the girl _ runs down the stairs four at a time _ to sell heartaches for a bargain
She's going to sell _ fake promises, bitternesses, illusions, _ rags and shards and contradictions

It's Tuesday _ maybe Ash day _ Tomorrow is wednesday _ Let there be fire again
The heart _ is unable _ to say "whatever" _ Goes to the war _ with eyes on peace

It's Tuesday _ The Flea Market _ is overflowing with a crowd
And the girl _ sells everything that she brought _ changing sadness for joy _
And everyone wants and bargain _ bitternesses, illusions, _ rags and shards and contradictions

It's Tuesday _ and the Flea Market _ It's finally quiet and abandoned
And the girl _ Left a moan on the floor _ That rises and spins and it runs in the wind
And twirls and browses _ and plays the Blind Man's Buff _ it belongs to us all but surrenders to no one

Friday, 16 December 2016

we have all the time in the world

have a lovely weekend :)

For the Turnstiles, 10 years after

10 years ago the Be Good Tanyas released their album "Hello Love" with this amazing cover from Neil Young's song "For the Turnstiles".
I firstly listened to it only one year later, when António Sérgio started his daily radio shows Viriato 25 at Radar Radio. Back then António Sérgio was giving great highlight to the brand new "Like a Hurricane", a tribute album to Neil Young. He particularly loved to play to this BGTs cover included in that new compilation.

Don't know when this session happened but the "Tanyas" shared it yesterday on their Facebook page, sounding as well as ten years ago on Hello Love studio album :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

above control

This is been beyond my control 'cause it's been impossible to post since I heard it 2 months ago :D
Now they fixed the link and here it is to enjoy :)

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Sunday, 6 November 2016

from special request for this 8th anniversary :)

Our best known fan, joined us in this 8th anniversary choosing these songs. Thank you Isay :)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

7 years ago, António Sérgio

pop art by 'peras'

7 years ago António Sérgio left us suddenly but the music that he played will echo in our minds forever.
Here's a song he often played starting his shows for decades:

Remember the alive take that I posted last year? 6 months ago, Charles Sangnoir shared his studio work on his song that he firstly played precisely 2 years ago.

"Take care", Sérgio. And keep on playing good sounds wherever you are.

i know

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

back to Africa

Sara Tavares voice of crystal and velvet, born in Portugal from Cape Verdean ascendance, started her career 22 years ago, singing covers of Soul Music, Whitney Houston, etc. She has mainly composing and singing Gospel songs. This time, she's promoting her brand new album where she's back to her graceful origins.
"tell me pretty things, whispered at my ears with flavor"

Thursday, 13 October 2016

It was about time!

Since the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016 to Bob Dylan, the radio is playing him all the time.
So before I get sick of hearing this guy that I appreciate so much, let me congratulate not only him, but everyone who turns poetry into music.
It was about time! :)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

I can't help it :)

Where does it go? Echoing in my mind all the time. A take 2.
But my mind holds the key, take 3:

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

recover to an epic GD

In a time living Punk and New Wave ripples, the Grateful Dead mad an epic album that only the unfailable followers of that music style noticed.
Sign of times, it was recovered with great success 40 years after, when this style is so appreciated.

Friday, 29 July 2016

so freakin special

I think that Thom made peace with "Creep" after Prince's soulful cover :)

OK, here's the entire concert. It happened precisely 3 weeks ago :)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016

waiting for the train at the bus stop

There's still people down there despite being so night. There are those who fear the dawn, but dare to go in the dark.
There are people who sleep so tired, not even a kiss makes them tremble. In the morning they'll wake up to what don't please them.
And there are those who imitate the wolves, while imitating people. There are those who fight and see the world moving forward.

And you Maria tell me where are you. Which of us missed today's rendezvous. Which of us saw the night until dawn.
It's late, Maria. Everyone has spent hours being mismatched, as waiting for the train at the bus stop.

There's still people down there despite being so late. There are those who shine in the dark, and take cover from daytime.
There are those who run without arms, to the arms that accept them. And their arms grow together, and lay down intertwined.
And the morning brings other arms, also together otherwise. Of those who fight, and fighting they transform themselves.

There's still people passing down there, and a wandering dream. Comes knocking at my door and says the uprising password.
Gonna plant it in the sun, until it calms down. It's a dream that awakened, worth well who dreams it.
Down there, I said already, what does it have to do with me? And yet I startle if someone knocks on my door.

There's still people down there, and a familiar face, is opening in the dark, a light as a wound.
As a light running after the course of a comet. And I see valleys and ditches, at the bottom of a gutter.
There's still people passing down there. And a familiar face, is setting all night a fire by the avenue.

It's you, Maria? I know, I know it's you. Which of us missed today's rendezvous. Which of us saw the night until dawn.
It's late, Maria. Everyone has spent hours being mismatched, as waiting for the train, at the bus stop.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bye Wales! We love you.

The Manic Street Preachers are the official support band for Wales in UEFA Euro 2016.
Wales left the competiton tonight. But we love them. We really do! Tonight's after match:

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Monday, 16 May 2016

May, mellow May

May it's been stormy in South-West Europe 'til now.
Now, yes, it feels like May :}
This is a song of freedom, love for life and work.
There are more than 10 covers of this amazing song around the world. Here's the ones I like most with the original at 1st.
Have a beautiful week :)

May, mellow May, who painted you? _ Who broke your incantation never loved you
The day was dawning there in the South _ And a boat was coming from Istanbul.

Always after nap time, calling the flowers _ It was party day. Lovers May
It was singing day _ And a boat was docking far away.

May, with my friend. I wish already now _ Always in wheat month to sing
What matters the sea roughness? _ May your voice not weaken, let's fight.

In a long street, the shepherd-king _ sells the serum of life that kills the pain
Come and see. May was born _ May your voice not weaken, the mob broke.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016

Friday, 29 April 2016

Monday, 25 April 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016

farewell purple prince

I wasn't a big fan of Prince, except for some songs absolutely stunning, as Purple Rain, Time, and half a dozen songs more. Purple Rain is Prince's only album I have and I only saw Prince in 1993, when he was promoting his Love Symbol Album. It was a frenetic concert in a huge stadium, but I couldn't believe how he REALLY screamed and played so incredibly well one of my favorite songs ever, Purple Rain. It worth all that concert :)
Farewell, extravagant genius, nothing compares to you.

purple prince and fado

Prince loved Fado which he knew firstly listening to Ana Moura. He even composed some songs with Fado influence. "77 Beverly Park" was his address in LA back in 2008/2010 and it is the title of this truly fado song without voice on the clip above, the only available online.
Below, the one who inspired him, his friend Ana Moura, who sang with him a couple of times:

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Daniel Knox, again

:) adorable

About Daniel's explanation of this 1st song (watch comments on last post) as he imagined himself driving when he was 10, and the verse "The car will return with no one behind the wheel", he reminds me a joke we use when playing with someone small driving, saying that the car is rolling without a driver :)
But all these songs are touching and beautiful. And I think he has a lot in common with Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Rodrigo Leão :)
Enjoy! Have a lovely Wednesday :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

bizarre thoughts

These are sad songs. The only reason why I'm posting them is that they are very beautiful.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Friday, 25 March 2016

Sunday, 20 March 2016

oh primavera

It's been grey, rainy and cold around here, but well, the equinox happened, so it's Spring! :º)

Fists and shovels open paths ; you are the rosemary's spike tip ; anger, angst, whirl ; and powerful and puerile. Oh Spring!
Pure impact and vernal will ; you're the power of fire, the imperial impulse ; laugh, pleasantry, grab ; and adamantine and puerile. Oh Spring!
One day the Whinter will reveal your bones ; but for now, you are masterly ; and triumphant and puerile. Oh Spring!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

in repeat

and again and again

gawd, how I love this song!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Farewell to Glenn

Last night was a memorial for Glenn Frey at the Los Angeles Forum.The Frey family and 300 friends came to honor his life and career. Ed Begley Jr. introduced all the performances by Jackson Browne, J.D.Souther, Bob Seger, Stevie Wonder, Randy Newman, Timothy B. Schmit and more. The remaining Eagles played backup for some of these artists as well. Cameron Crowe gave a moving speech as did Don Henly and Glenn's wife Cindy and daughter Taylor. Deacon Frey played and it was amazing!

They gave everyone this key chain to carry a little piece of Glenn around and hopefully open some doors to new adventures. Happy Trails Glenn, the most important key you give to all is that you were a nice, sweet, good man.

here is a photo of the amazing Leslie Morris, J.D. Souther and Renee Pappas inside the forum at the very end. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


"Cachupa" is a typical dish from Cape Verde (an archipelago in African Northwest) influenced by Portuguese "Cozido", with beans and several kinds of meat and spicy sausages boiled together, where potato and cabbage are replaced by corn.
Creoulo, is the Cape Verdean language, a mixture of several African dialects and Portuguese.
Lula, is a designer and a musician who developed his musical career in alternative bands 'til he made his own musical cauldron.
The 1st song, talks about the relationship of a man and a bottle of brandy.
The 2nd song is named "Orange Tree Love". I guess it talks about the pleasure of lying close to that tree...

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Genial as a musician and as a singer, amazing performer and actor. He was also a painter! But the thing I most admire in him, is how his music is always ahead of our time.

Farewell Major Stardust.

On David Bowie Avenue

There was a David Bowie Avenue, once.
I suggest you to listen to "Subterraneans" while you read my story written in 2008.

It was a Summer night and was in Lisbon.
I had heard an advertising for an opera rock with circus performances, at the newly opened "Lisbon Galactical Forum", on the Eastern side of the city.
At a bus stop, I studied the map. There were silent buses passing, powered by electricity from hydrogen cells. And finally arrived a bus to the East side. It was a very old Diesel MAN bus from the 1980s. It was about 60 years old and it was rattling everywhere. By the look of the passengers there, I realized I was in a risk trip. But the presence on board of 4 police officers relaxed me. I asked the closer officer where David Bowie Avenue was. He replied:"that avenue is longer than 30km!" (19 miles)... I asked him if he could notify me when we reached the Galactical Forum. He agreed and I thanked him.

We crossed wide splendidly lit boulevards lined with modern buildings. Then, we stopped at a crossing. There was trouble. Leaning against a window on the right, I saw a motorcycle and a car stopped, possibly an accident. Nearby, a police car and two officers barred the traffic. A man wearing jeans and a dirty T-shirt and a couple with motorcycle leather clothing, were rapping. She had a very short skirt with red tights that could be seen up to her hips. She had an open jacket and nothing else was covering her body. The other biker was also wearing an open jacket but with a T-shirt under. He was all covered in mud and he was wounded on the face, at least. The two men argued aggressively as the woman screamed insults to the air.
Suddenly, the rider took a pistol from his back, and he pointed it to the other man. The officers on the street ran to his back, pointing him their guns.
From the bus where I was, the four officers and another one plainclothes with baseball cap and caddish look, they triggered the manual opening command of the exit door and in a flash, they placed behind the other agents pointing their guns to the biker. Feeling beaten, the biker threw his gun to the ground and he was handcuffed. The other, lit a cigarette. The biker continued to argue, showing a scorched hole in the T-shirt. He asked the other man: "put on the light here!" The other guy took a pocket flashlight and he pointed the light. "Do you see this burned hole? It was your bullet!" claimed the arrested biker.
The other, shrugged and walked away towards me with his cigarette in hand. He raised his arm next to my window, and through a slit somewhere on the top he threw his cigarette butt over me!
Surprised with that act and afraid of getting burnt, I jumped.

The bus trip restarted and only then I noticed that the panel where I was leaning on, was completely loose on top!
I asked the agent if we were close to my destination. He replied that we had already passed it Annoyed and resigned, I tried to realize where I was. We were running very fast, with that side of the bus wanting to fall on the road at every turn to the left.

Then we have entered in a sort of kasbah. But it was all prefabricated with aluminum structures and synthetic panels, all white and full of light.
The space was completely covered on the top and the bus was rolling carefully among people moving quietly.
Close to the stores there were caravans also immaculately white and all equal.
In that space they were all foreigners: Russians, Ukrainians, British, German, Moroccan, Cape Verdean ... I couldn't hear a single word in Portuguese.
Finally I saw an Angolan woman proclaiming roasted banana. And I decided to leave the bus there.

I woke up and made a latte. I told this dream to my daughter and she asked me to write it.

Above, the actor Miguel Guilherme telling this story to National Radio Antena 1 on radio show História Devida.
Below, the original:

Era uma noite de Verão e estava em Lisboa. Tinha ouvido anunciar para pouco depois, a ópera de uma banda de rock com performances circenses, no recém-inaugurado "Lisbon Galactical Forum", na zona Oriental da cidade.
Estudei o mapa da Carris. Decidi apanhar o autocarro para Chelas. Passaram autocarros silenciosos, movidos a electricidade por hidrogénio. Chegou finalmente um para Chelas. Era um MAN antigo a gasóleo, dos anos 1980. Tinha para aí 60 anos e chocalhava por todos os lados. Pelo aspecto dos passageiros, percebi que estava numa viagem de risco. Mas a presença a bordo de 4 agentes da polícia, descansou-me. Pergunto ao agente que estava mais perto de mim, onde era a Avenida David Bowie. Respondeu-me que essa avenida tem 30Km... Perguntei-lhe então se me poderia avisar quando nessa avenida passássemos pelo Galactical Forum. Respondeu-me que sim e eu agradeci.

Atravessávamos amplas avenidas esplendidamente iluminadas, ladeadas por modernos edifícios. Num cruzamento, parámos. Havia confusão. Encostado a uma janela do lado direito, vi uma mota e um carro parados, possivelmente por um acidente. Perto, um carro da polícia e dois agentes, barravam a passagem do trânsito. Um homem com jeans e T-shirt sujos e um casal com roupa de cabedal de motociclistas, discutiam. Ela tinha uma saia muito curta com collants vermelhos que se avistavam até aos quadris. Tinha o blusão aberto e nada mais lhe cobria o tronco. O outro motociclista, também tinha blusão aberto mas tinha uma T-shirt. Estava todo sujo de lama e estava ferido, pelo menos na face. Os dois homens discutiam agressivamente, enquanto a mulher gritava ofensas para o ar.
Nisto, o motociclista sacou de uma pistola que tinha nas costas. Enquanto a aponta ao outro homem, os agentes na rua correram para trás dele e apontaram-lhe as suas armas à cabeça.
No autocarro onde eu estava, os 4 agentes e mais um à paisana com boné de baseball e aspecto chunga, accionaram o comando de abertura manual da porta de saída e num ápice colocaram-se atrás dos outros agentes, apontando também as suas armas à cabeça do motociclista. Este, sentindo-se dominado, atirou a arma ao chão e foi algemado. O outro, acendeu um cigarro. O da mota, continuou a discutir, mostrando um buraco chamuscado na T-shirt. Dizia-lhe: "put on the light here!" O outro, tirou uma lanterna do bolso e apontou a luz. "Do you see this burned hole? It was your bullet".
O outro afastou-se em direcção a mim, com a ponta do cigarro na mão. Ergueu o braço junto à minha janela, e por entre alguma fenda, lançou sobre mim a beata acesa.
Surpreendido com aquele acto e assustado com a perspectiva de ser queimado, dei um salto.

O autocarro seguiu viagem e só então reparei que todo aquele painel onde eu estive encostado, estava completamente solto em cima.
Perguntei ao agente se faltava muito para o meu destino. Respondeu que já tínhamos passado... Aborrecido e conformado, tento perceber onde estava. Íamos muito depressa, com aquele lado do autocarro a ameaçar ficar na estrada a cada curva para a esquerda.

É então que entrámos numa espécie de casbah. Todo pré-fabricado, com estruturas em alumínio e painéis sintéticos, todo branco e cheio de luz.
O espaço era totalmente coberto e o autocarro seguia com prudência entre pessoas que circulavam calmamente.
Por entre as lojas do casbah, havia roulottes também imaculadamente brancas e todas iguais.
Naquele espaço todos eram estrangeiros: russos, ucranianos, ingleses, alemães, marroquinos, cabo-verdianos... Não se ouvia uma palavra em português.
É então que vejo uma angolana a apregoar banana assada. Decidi sair ali.

Acordei e fiz um café com leite. Contei este sonho à minha filha e ela pediu-me para o escrever.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

pleased to meet Tamara

Every song is just wonderful and I could share dozens. Only knew this last one and maybe some other...