Saturday, 18 June 2016

:) buon fine settimana



valerie walsh said...

never heard this :} it says cover in the tags so wondering about the original? i read the lyrics and it is a very good song :} have a happy weekend!

asperezas said...

Yes, this is a cover :) The original song was a Disco-Sound styled song from Lucio Battisti and it was a great success in Italy back n 1976. Since then, some covers were made. One of the most well succeeded was sung by Paola Turci in 1993. It was pretty influenced by U2 and by the "twirls" "painted" by the U2 guitarist, David Howell Evans AKA "The Edge".
Róisín Murphy, the cute Irish singer from the "Moloko" band, is having a solo career. Her new album is about to coming out. But the song on this clip is from her last EP, called "Mi Senti" edited 2 years ago. That EP is almost an album, it has 6 songs all sang in Italian, 5 covers and one original song. Róisín says that she "does not speak a word of Italian" and she considers this record as a richful experience. A very elegant one, I'd say, and I wouldn't believe her 'cause I think she spelled every word very nicely :)
Have a lovely weekend :}