Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I like this dude

In an earlier post I said there are no limits until Tuesday and I made 3 posts at once. 'course we can post non related to Curtis too. We need a break... Have a nice weekend :-)

Friday, 21 May 2010

tribute by Radiohead

love will tear us apart 30 years ago per Ian

Ian Curtis

To discover or rediscover the genius of Ian Curtis and Joy Division, which influenced hundreds of bands until "yesterday", I propose to you all a challenge until Tuesday: to evoke through clips of your preference, whether of themselves, whether of tributes or covers. There are no limits.

in repeat

15 years later (version below) 28,5 and 30 years later now, and again and again, to listen loud and dance in a foolish way

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

to doodle

This is the only clip with this song. Strange for me 'cause it was already the only when I posted it somewhere 2 years ago...

Sleep now, little one .. I'll sing to you, little one .. There's no one here .. Who means you any harm .. Little one I know what it means to be sad .. It never goes .. So learn to hold it close .. As a friend .. 'Cause we never know .. How much we can take .. Before we break .. The spell in our haunted house I've never felt alone .. Like I do now, this moment .. I don't belong here at all .. Must find the spark to go on ... Little one ... 'Cause I owe it to us .. To tend the fire .. And fend off fear .. The fear in me .. So near to me .. It never goes .. So learn to let it in Like the rain .. 'Cause we never know .. How much we can take .. before the storm breaks .. The storm of our wild design I've never felt this way .. Or maybe I do everyday .. What is this gift to be alive .. Must find the spark .. The spark to survive

Ryan Adams- "Everybody Knows"

Saturday, 15 May 2010

une histoire à Lisbonne

"saudade" En ce mai de fous messages .. J'ai un rendez-vous dans l'air .. Inattendu et clair .. Déjà je pars à ta découverte .. Ville bonne et offerte .. C'est l'attrait du danger .. Qui me mène à ce lieu .. C'est d'instinct .. Qu'tu me cherches et approches .. Je sens que c'est toi. C'est à l'aube que se ferment .. Tes prunelles marina .. Sous quel meridien se caresser .. Dans mes bras te cacher .. Dans ces ruelles fantômes .. Ou sur cette terrasse .. Où s'écrase un soleil .. Tu m'enseignes .. Le langage des yeux .. Je reste sans voix. Les nuits au loin tu cherches l'ombre .. Comment ris-tu avec les autres .. Parfois aussi je m'abandonne .. Mais au matin les dauphins se meurent .. De saudade... Où mène ce tourbillon .. Cette valse d'avions .. Aller au bout de toi et de moi .. Vaincre la peur du vide .. Les ruptures d'équilibre .. Si tes larmes se mèlent .. Aux pluies de novembre .. Et que je dois en périr .. Je sombrerai avec joie ... De saudade...
:-) have a nice weekend

Monday, 10 May 2010


... she can't carry on, but her nimble fingers still feel the cold ...

I was missing this ghost backwords :-) have a nice week

Saturday, 8 May 2010


The Littlest Birds

My friend in Nashville introduced me to The Be Good Tanyas

Leonard Cohen ;)

Two versions of Leonard Cohen's amazing song. One version is with the beautiful voice of Perla Batalla and Javier Colis. The funny thing is my real favourite version is with Perla Batalla and the sweet voice of David Hidalgo ;) Unfortunately I could not find that but their two voices intertwine and I never tire of the sound. Enjoy :D