Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Have a cool evening :)

2 weeks ago, I was surprised by Radar's Family Album topic, but amazed, because I wasn't expecting (my ignorance) that Al Green's music could be so cool.
In fact, I only had a distant idea of this original version. And as we know, queen Tina Turner turned it very famous 12 years later :)
This live recording shown here has a little jump in the middle but it's very special as you can notice. I'd love to post it together with one of Green's 1st live performances but all of them have very poor quality. Only to have an idea and a comparison of two distante times, here's this example cut 1 minute before the ending.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eurovision: music won again

Eurovision Song Contest once was a festival where some of the most beautiful songs in Europe could compete.
However, many of the best songs could never win due to some kind of mafia ruling the record market.
By the early 70's, the festival turned into a hateful cheesy horror contest of high notes performances wrapped in some fashion rhythm with some few exceptions, like Sébastien Tellier with a song that I've already posted here without mentioning the creepy festival.
Things started to change a bit not only because the record companies are not the kings of the music industry anymore, but also because in this competition there's this new rule of the audience voting. And you can't vote for your own country.
I never ever imagined myself making a post like this. To show you how I hate this festival, I even did not know this song at all.
But this time, music won again.
I made a translation (bellow the 1st clip) of this beautiful song, entirely composed by our (here in KoM) well known Luísa Sobral, to be sung by her brother Salvador.
Here he is, taking his sister to the stage for the final honour encore:

If someday someone asks about me - say that I lived to love you. - Before you, I merely existed - tired, with nothing to give.

My darling, listen to my prayers. - I beg you to come back, to want me again - I know, you can't love alone - maybe sweetly you might learn again. (2x)

If your heart won't wish to give in - feeling no passion, wishing no suffering - without planning whats coming after - my heart can love for us both.

Here's the 1st public presentation of this song:

And here's Luisa singing the same song:

Have a lovely Sunday, have a beautiful week :}

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Saturday, 6 May 2017

from the Lost Music Sessions

So finally someone uploaded the beautiful videoclip that 1stly was officially hosted in Yahoo Music and disappeared forever with the site revision about 4 years ago or something. This is a copy recorded from MTV and hosted in Youtube.
I 1stly posted this clip 9 years ago in another place. It was the take 4 of a series that I called "The Lost Musics Sessions" and I reposted it purposely untitled here in KoM.

For TV broadcasting purposes, the song was shortened in 3 minutes and so, here's it all:

Have a peaceful weekend :}