Thursday, 5 October 2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Control C, Control V

Preto no branco
Afiando-me a estas horas
Todo o peso foi embora

Preto no branco
Não tão claro como achava
Tudo o que me contornava

E agora?

Eu já perdi a minha lábia há bué de tempo
Já não pago às pessoas a quem me vendo
Se estou pior, não estou por cá, sei bem porquê
Ouvir a 'Não há amor em SP'

E eu cativo o meu lugar com o meu talento
Já não pago às pessoas a quem me vendo
Escrever ctrl + C ctrl + V
Ouvir a 'Não há amor em SP'

Preto no branco
Escrevo, a tinta não apaga
Ela obrigada
Agradeço a sua farsa

Preto no branco
Tento encontrar o que penso
Sinto-me imenso
Sem fronteira, nada fora

E agora?

Passo a passo paraliso
Mas eu faço o que é preciso

Black on white
Sharpening myself right now
All the weight went away

Black on white
Not as clear as I thought
Everything around me

And now?

I've lost my small talk a long time ago
I no longer pay the people I'm selling myself to
If I'm worse, I'm not here and I know why
Listening to that dark rap song*

And I captivate my place with my talent
I no longer pay the people I'm selling myself to
Writing Control-C, Control-V
Listening to that dark rap song*

Black on white
I write, the ink remains
Thank you, she says
And I thank her her farce

Black on white
Trying to find my thoughts
I feel myself immense
Without frontiers, nothing out

And now?

Step by step I paralise
But I do what it takes
*Brazilian rap song "Não Existe Amor em SP" (There is no Love in São Paulo)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

dark Cash

Johnny Cash made a lot of recordings covering brilliant songs, few years before he died. These two were included in an album released only 10 months before his death.
Like the previous album, this is a very dark and bitter album.
I've posted these clips more than 10 years ago in another place. Somehow, it is time to post them in this blog.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

from a monument, lift

So here's "Lift", the last of the 3 previously unreleased songs from this monument called Ok Computer, out 20 years ago.

Kings of Maybe is great fan of Thom Yorke and Radiohead as you can check by the more than 40 posts where you can find the most amazing songs from this album including this incredible "Lucky" (at the bottom) in repeat here in KoM.