Friday, 25 September 2015


This song started to be a clearly post-punk song from the 80's. It has a very beautiful lyrics and structure and it is one of the Portuguese most covered songs including Brazil, putting it in one of the most known songs worldwide.
The lyrics have a double sense. The obvious one and another, somehow the same sense of Lou Reed's "Waiting for the Man". It's your choice...
The version shared above, has the vocals of Camané, one of the most worldwide appreciated Fado singers.
However, I was surprised when I found the version below, a Cante one. It deserves a listen 'til the end:

And now, the creators of the song, 9 years ago, in a slightly more civilized version than the original:

Life goes wrong _ and never gets right _ Mischance pursues _ it hides peeking.
I never took a step _ that was the correct _ I never did anything _ that worked right.
And while I was waiting _ down the street _ I was thinking of you _ wondering about you.
I want you so much _ I want you so much.
So life is somehow _ A wild circus _ And my meanwhile _ Is my expectation.
I never took a step...

Have a great weekend :)

Sunday, 20 September 2015