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farewell purple prince

I wasn't a big fan of Prince, except for some songs absolutely stunning, as Purple Rain, Time, and half a dozen songs more. Purple Rain is Prince's only album I have and I only saw Prince in 1993, when he was promoting his Love Symbol Album. It was a frenetic concert in a huge stadium, but I couldn't believe how he REALLY screamed and played so incredibly well one of my favorite songs ever, Purple Rain. It worth all that concert :)
Farewell, extravagant genius, nothing compares to you.

purple prince and fado

Prince loved Fado which he knew firstly listening to Ana Moura. He even composed some songs with Fado influence. "77 Beverly Park" was his address in LA back in 2008/2010 and it is the title of this truly fado song without voice on the clip above, the only available online.
Below, the one who inspired him, his friend Ana Moura, who sang with him a couple of times:

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Daniel Knox, again

:) adorable

About Daniel's explanation of this 1st song (watch comments on last post) as he imagined himself driving when he was 10, and the verse "The car will return with no one behind the wheel", he reminds me a joke we use when playing with someone small driving, saying that the car is rolling without a driver :)
But all these songs are touching and beautiful. And I think he has a lot in common with Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Rodrigo Leão :)
Enjoy! Have a lovely Wednesday :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

bizarre thoughts

These are sad songs. The only reason why I'm posting them is that they are very beautiful.