Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Daniel Knox, again

:) adorable

About Daniel's explanation of this 1st song (watch comments on last post) as he imagined himself driving when he was 10, and the verse "The car will return with no one behind the wheel", he reminds me a joke we use when playing with someone small driving, saying that the car is rolling without a driver :)
But all these songs are touching and beautiful. And I think he has a lot in common with Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Rodrigo Leão :)
Enjoy! Have a lovely Wednesday :)


valerie walsh said...

Really Wonderful! i enjoyed each song, and i really like the guy who plays the saw so well!
Have a happy thursday, thank you for sharing!

asperezas said...

Yeah, he's amazing with the saw, controlling the notes bending it and vibrating it with the right knee :)
The 2nd and mostly the 4th (last) songs are also great :)
Have a beautiful day :}