Saturday, 6 May 2017

from the Lost Music Sessions

So finally someone uploaded the beautiful videoclip that 1stly was officially hosted in Yahoo Music and disappeared forever with the site revision about 4 years ago or something. This is a copy recorded from MTV and hosted in Youtube.
I 1stly posted this clip 9 years ago in another place. It was the take 4 of a series that I called "The Lost Musics Sessions" and I reposted it purposely untitled here in KoM.

For TV broadcasting purposes, the song was shortened in 3 minutes and so, here's it all:

Have a peaceful weekend :}


valerie walsh said...

When you first played this song I feel in love with it and purchased it right away :}
nice to hear again and again ;)

asperezas said...

:D great!
It's amazing :}