Saturday, 31 December 2016

reborn again

Happy New Year :)


valerie walsh said...

I completely relate :} very excellent post!
The first one makes me smile and nod my head in agreement,
the second one brought tears to my eyes, very beautiful!
the third one is a trippy combo of both, but smiling!
Have a very happy time with your celebration and Happy New Year!
Many Happy Years to come!
big hug to you ;)

valerie walsh said...

oh and I forgot to mention that the 1st clip made me think of your sweet doggy ;]

asperezas said...

awww, yes, it reminded me of her too :}
LOL :D I'm glad it made you smile :)))
Yes, the 2nd is soulfoul :}
The 3rd means the reborn of the song 'cause it was remixed for an advertising and for a 2017 album a few weeks ago :)
Happy New Year dear friend. Hugging you back :}