Friday, 16 December 2016

For the Turnstiles, 10 years after

10 years ago the Be Good Tanyas released their album "Hello Love" with this amazing cover from Neil Young's song "For the Turnstiles".
I firstly listened to it only one year later, when António Sérgio started his daily radio shows Viriato 25 at Radar Radio. Back then António Sérgio was giving great highlight to the brand new "Like a Hurricane", a tribute album to Neil Young. He particularly loved to play to this BGTs cover included in that new compilation.

Don't know when this session happened but the "Tanyas" shared it yesterday on their Facebook page, sounding as well as ten years ago on Hello Love studio album :)


valerie walsh said...

I listen to them often and I was listening to this very song the day you posted this! It came on while I was driving up to tuna cyn, :}
love them very much! sorry for the late comments... have a lovely Monday!

asperezas said...

:D what a coincidence!
Glad you love this :}
And your comments are never late :D
Have a nice week :}