Sunday, 20 March 2016

oh primavera

It's been grey, rainy and cold around here, but well, the equinox happened, so it's Spring! :º)

Fists and shovels open paths ; you are the rosemary's spike tip ; anger, angst, whirl ; and powerful and puerile. Oh Spring!
Pure impact and vernal will ; you're the power of fire, the imperial impulse ; laugh, pleasantry, grab ; and adamantine and puerile. Oh Spring!
One day the Whinter will reveal your bones ; but for now, you are masterly ; and triumphant and puerile. Oh Spring!


valerie walsh said...

wow! very cool! I feel as though I have seen this before, but perhaps it was a different post or on Resgate Som?
Have a very happy week despite the cold :}

asperezas said...

:) no, it was a related clip at the end of one of those posted @
Have a nice week too :}