Monday, 26 September 2016



asperezas said...

:} thank you so much for posting this! So great, I couldn't stop listening to it! I heard the entire album in a row! :D
It's such an amazing album! It's fantastic how these guys made a band and an entire 20 year career (and counting) based on Bossa Nova, a Brazilian music genre :)
Curiously, the song I love most is the last one, "Depth of My Soul", which is the only one which is out of Bossa Nova structure! But surely that's because it's the only song that I really knew from this album :D
Have a nice week :}

valerie walsh said...

awww, your welcome and I completely agree! It is so pleasant and uplifting! The credit really goes to my brother :} he sent this to me and I wondered if you had posted this but I noticed indeed you did post this band in 2012 but this is from 2014. I was pleased to be able to share this via my brother :))Have a lovely Tuesday!

asperezas said...

:) thank you so much again. Have a lovely day :}