Wednesday, 11 May 2016

from a moon shaped pool


valerie walsh said...

The first song is my new favourite, I mean they all are really amazing :}
great post i love all the songs and have a wonderful wednesday!

asperezas said...

:) yes, the 1st song is the better of these 3 clips :)
The other 2, would "shine" much more if I'd make single song posts with them, 'cause they're really beautiful... They are previous live performances of unknown songs back then.
I was sure I never heard a bunch of songs when I saw Radiohead live 2 years ago. They put them now in this new album called "A Moon Shaped Pool". And I assure you these songs sound much better now with the new arrangements. "Present Tense" is a very good example :) However there are no clips yet, except these old ones.
"True Love Waits" is another song present in this album and it was previously released in "Live Recordings" around 2001. I think I posted it before here in KoM, but no... I'll post it someday :)
Have a beautiful day :}