Friday, 29 January 2010

unbalanced pieces

I wanted to post this sometime ago according to something but clips with this piece didn't exist yet. So this has nothing to some actual kind of spirit. It's just something I do really like.
Enjoy! Have a nice weekend! :-)


ValGalArt said...

great video, love where the guy guys into the ground! and the song is super creepy cool which reminds me of my favourite tv show Dexter :D

andrea said...

Influenced by Bowie maybe? Atmospheric.

asperezas said...

Bowie? Who's not influenced by him?
Lanegan has his own Mark anyway...
I don't see TV Val

ValGalArt said...

oh, well i really don't blame you but Dexter made it all worth it. Most of my friends don't have tv either. But they don't live in the woods either... you kind of need it in fire and earthquake prone areas it can help.

Teté said...

oh, yes, it´s like Bowie sound!
I like it.