Friday, 8 January 2010

neil young - powderfinger

Getting home this morning with my Timmy's coffee and the smell of wet cedar all around, this song came on. A totally Canadian moment.


andrea said...

Hey everyone -- how do I add my posts to the lists at the bottom of this page?

ValGalArt said...

Neil is one of the greats! love this very much :D

um, does it happen automatically or maybe Aspereza does it? I do not know?

asperezas said...


precious thing!

We love your choices!


Andrea, you mean Labels below the posts?

When you make a post there's a smaller window below to labels. Just write. If names or dates etc already exists, they are suggested before your conclusion.


andrea said...

Thanks you Asperezas! I just did that.

Teté said...