Monday, 4 January 2010

:-) good night!

3 songs @ NPRmusic


Doodlestreet said...

i really enjoyed this...and i wouldn't mind hanging out in this room. ;o)

asperezas said...

me neither

check that NPR space.
it will worth it

ValGalArt said...

just when you think it is really good, it gets even better!
beautiful and very good sound on this ;)

andrea said...

Looking at this makes me realize that I'm in the right place. Thank you!

asperezas said...


Thank you!

ValGalArt said...

oh wow!!! i remember!!! geeze i love this dude, yeah, super cool ;)

asperezas said...

Yay!!! :D

ValGalArt said...

no wonder i loved the tone of him voice so much, this dude is great!
loved hearing all of this again, in fact it made my day :) thanks pearpal :)