Sunday, 10 November 2013

Metric help

Kings of Maybe has 5 years. And for a week, we're going to remember some songs we posted.
I'm starting with a song I heard in March 2009. There were no good clips at all about it, but I loved the song and I posted it here with the stuff I found then.
Much later, some good clips were made, as this official one:


valerie walsh said...

wow! i could barely remember this song that you posted 4 years ago :))) great choice and i enjoyed hearing it again! have a happy week!

valerie walsh said...

i put a bunch of songs on my Pinterest music board today from KOM and you play so many amazing songs! I am going to listen to some past posts and choose a few that i love :}

asperezas said...

Hahahaha :D
glad you did it :)
Good night there :}