Monday, 4 November 2013

5 years KoM

5 years already :D
This blog started after some experiences I made in some social networks, mostly related to Angola, Africa, and about how we miss that land. As social networks, we shared a bit of everything. Music too, because we can't think of Africa without thinking of music. And so we shared African music and I made a space for other kind of sounds. One of those spaces, was quite similar to Kings of Maybe. I kept some posts in Resgate Som, an archive blog.
And we are continuing that sharing experience of feelings or sounds or music or all together, here. And it's been great :)
Now that I talked about Angola, I present you these guys from that land. They sing its beauty, their poor people and fight for life, but most of all, they talk about fun. Let's have some fun with them :D


valerie walsh said...

Congratulations and Happy 5 year Anniversary to you and KOM! You always post amazing songs and music and this is no exception :)) i am chair dancing :D really, really great! have a Happy week and I hope you post many more songs in the future and continue your blog :}

asperezas said...

:D congratulations to you too!!! :D
And thank you for your kind appreciation :}

Maybe I should say that these guys live in Portugal, and some of them were born in Portugal too, but they define their sound and their musical roots, quite rightly, as Angolan :)

We'll continue this party on the next few posts ;)

valerie walsh said...

well, i am really getting into it ;)
have a great evening!

asperezas said...

Hahaha :D I knew you would :}
This is ... contagious :D