Friday, 1 November 2013

4 years after, AS

"For the right to Difference", António Sérgio built his radio shows with pearls and other ingredients from many places and generations. He had the pleasure of thematic disclosure. The folk origin music from any part of the World, had regular place on his shows. He showed us dozens of fabulous artists that no one else would show in most of the World, as the Irish Andy White or Davy Spillane... And so is with Davy and his Uilleann Pipes laments that I recall the great magician of music revelation, who left us 4 years ago. "May the Sound be with you".


valerie walsh said...

These songs are just deeply beautiful but you know what really got me to cry? your writing Peras, so incredibly wonderful and perfect in every way! the most heart felt post so far and i believe he would feel so proud :}

asperezas said...

oh you :}
thank you pallie :)
Big hug :}