Wednesday, 13 November 2013

5 years KoM - Air take 1

I could remind all Air songs we have in KoM, because all of them are just brilliant.
Let's make 2 posts, starting for these 2 very different stories, very different moods, with very different collaborators:

Enjoy :)


valerie walsh said...

oh wow! so, so great!i don't know the first one but the second i remember so well! greatness :) have a very lovely wednesday :}

asperezas said...

:) I'm pretty sure you heard the 1st one, which is the 13nd chapter of the story written and told by Alessandro Baricco but the clip I posted @ disappeared and I had to replace it by this one with Legos :D
But it's pretty illustrative, though :)

The 2nd clip was originally posted @ and love it with all Charlotte's failures and there's a studio and commercial version @ :)

Have a sweet night :}

valerie walsh said...

i think i was not a member of KOM yet when you played this as i have never heard this song before but i love it and the clip is very clever too! 5:55 is a song once you hear you never forget ;) thank you and have a good one mr. p :))

asperezas said...

No, but you already visited this blog for a while :D

valerie walsh said...

hahaha! wow! you are so right! :} have a happy thursday ;))