Saturday, 12 May 2012

home :)


asperezas said...

Hahahaha :D

Welcome back home Val gal :D

Mars had one boat like that and she used it in the swimming pool too. One day a HUGE cousin dive into it and took the bottom with him... :S

valerie walsh said...

hahaha! i love that story! that must have been fun :)
i am a Calif girl through and through and i will always love the beach boys! sometimes i see Brian Wilson at the grocery store and i have seen his daughter Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips at a local store too, they always say hi and smile and are pleasant and real :) Brian has had a rough road but he is sweet and gentle. I saw them
in concert long long ago, one of my first concerts in fact! Jethro Tull was actually my first, hahaha! Have a really great night!

asperezas said...

Not that fun 'cause I loved that boat! I used it in beach freezing waters :Z You see, it was the only boat that resisted to ME when I jumped to the water! :D

Yeah, you are a beach gal too :D
What concert / album presentation you saw from Jethro Tull?

valerie walsh said...

awww :( i see you miss that boat...

the concert was Aqualung.
have a nice evening Peras :)

asperezas said...

Yes, Mars cousin literally took the boat's bottom with him to pool's bottom, when he plunged!

So Aqualand. It's all about water, you see? :D
BTW Aqualand it's my JT fave.
"~flying duchman~"