Wednesday, 30 May 2012


This is something I never posted because I heard it a lot. It was originally sung by Amália Rodrigues for a long time and recorded in some versions. It was covered by many artistis.
The reason I'm posting this it's just beacause I was missing this beautiful cover by "Amália Hoje" by the Gift (Sónia Tavares sings) and others.

"If a seagull would bring me the sky of Lisbon, on the drawing I would make, a sky where the look, is a wing that doesn't fly, it fades and falls into the sea.
What a perfect heart would beat in my chest. My love in your hand, the hand where would fit perfectly my heart. ... ... "


valerie walsh said...

very beautiful! i just love it :) have a great wednesday!

asperezas said...

You too pallie :}