Monday, 14 May 2012

heart and soul

Something strange is hapening lately. I have heard much of new and newest music but I can't find any videoclps. Examples: The beautiful "whishes" from the brand new Beach House's "Bloom" (so new that is coming out ... tomorrow) or some well known songs from the band Spain included in their fresh album. I guess there's a video strike(?)...
Until then, let me dive into some old sounds.

Have a warm week :)


valerie walsh said...

Really great! I have really grown to love Joy Division :} i am dancing in my drafting chair :D
very very hot here, but i like it ;)
you have a great week Peras!

asperezas said...

this is an
a m a z i n g
cover of this song.
Maybe the best I ever heard :)

I think you noticed David Eugene Edwards, the front guy, and Pascal Humbert, the bass player? Brother band Woven Hand existed for 3 years... ;)

valerie walsh said...

it really is!!! i am loving this and yes, i did notice :)

asperezas said...