Wednesday, 22 February 2017

it's Val's day!

warming up birthday's party :D


Pat Flynn said...

Ohhhhh. This is YOUR HOUSE. Your blog. I thought Kings of Maybe was a band you were doing some artwork for and that this was their blog/website. After I read the Peter Gabriel lyric (queen of maybe) I had a deja vu of commenting with you about Gabriel
I'll be following

valerie walsh said...

Awwww, Thank you so much Mr.Asperezas :} Thank you for thinking of me! very sweet and I appreciate and love it! Biggest hug to you!

@Pat Flynn, Please do follow along, we would love that! This is really Asperezas blog and I do post when I find songs that inspire me but the credit to this blog belongs to him and his great taste in music. We have been sharing songs for 7-8 years? but he had it before we became friends. Peras is in Portugal :) It is a long distance connection with a love of music. And yes,in answer to your question on fb, I made the crown. :))

asperezas said...

:D 'course it is Val's house party song :D
Big hug back to you baby Val :}
Have a lovely birthday and I hope you enjoy the little dance party I lefty you here ;)