Thursday, 20 February 2014


Tribute for the 20th anniversary of the extinct Brazilian Legião Urbana band's 1986 song with original poem from Renato Santos, member of the same band. The poem pretends to be an Indian lament.
I wish at least for once
to believe for a moment in everything that exists
And believe that the world is perfect
and all the people are happy
I wanted the danger and I even bled alone
You know?
So I could bring you back to me
when I discovered that's always only you
who understands me from the beginning to the end

And it's only you who has the cure for my addiction
of insisting on that saudade I feel
from everything I have not seen

They gave us mirrors and we saw a sick world


valerie walsh said...

wow!! i really love this! the lyrics are wonderful :} loving all these posts mr. p! have a happy thursday :)

asperezas said...

I'm so glad you love it :)
Have a smiling day :}