Thursday, 6 February 2014

I put a spell on you


valerie walsh said...

i am loving this 3 song post :)) i love when you post different versions of the same song!!! this is so great! The first time I heard this song sung by Screamin Jay Hawkins I got chills and loved the voodoo feel and the magic of this song! what a wonderful post Mr. P! 3 thumbs up :)))

valerie walsh said...

oops I mean 4-song post, 4 thumbs up :))))

asperezas said...

I guess I knew this on the contrary way.
1st time I heard this, it was the CCR version. They were very popular in Angola (Africa). Much later I knew Nina's version and even later Jay's version just because it was the original one. And recently Jools and friends version and more than 10 others :)
Have spelt day (whoo whoo whoo) :D