Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lush Life


asperezas said...

This is ... A M A Z I N G :)

And your housie is so darling :}
Thank you for these posts and links :)

valerie walsh said...

Thank you so much :} This is a great song and it has been covered by amazing artists ie Nat King Cole, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, John Coltraine and on and on. I am sure that you noticed it was written in the 30's and so of course it has been sung by the best and I believe Rickie did an absolutely brilliant job of it as well. One of my all time faves! so happy you enjoyed it :)

asperezas said...

Yes, I noticed :}
I like when she makes deep voice in the end :D
Her voice looks so young and bright here :)
And this is a fantastic song :)