Thursday, 5 September 2013


there are not only seagulls onshore,
when a man stands thinking.

Who's coming there,
sleeps at night in the sand,
sleeps at night by the sea.

And if there is
a square of mature people.
And a statue, and a statue burning of fever.

There's someone
searching by the dark night
and no one will want to help.

the frail figure of that man
grubbing the paths of bread.

And if there is
a square of mature people,
no one comes to raise him from the ground.


valerie walsh said...

Every time you play a song by this man my room fills up with the soul and beauty of his voice and music! I love to hear this and every song you have played by him! What a huge treat and thank you for playing another beautiful gift from this artist.

asperezas said...

thank you for your appreciation and for your beautiful words, Val :}