Friday, 16 November 2012

just ... shut up and have a good time :]


valerie walsh said...

Really great post! love it!! Have a fun friday :)

asperezas said...

Yeah, this is really so great :)

I saw so many comments about herself and about how she looks here that I only thought what I wrote in the title of this post :)

Somehow she reminds me the Throwing Muses (Kristin Hershk) in late 80s / early 90's :)

Have a cool Friday :}

valerie walsh said...

ok :) that explains the title? :D i was wondering? hee hee!
have a great Friday yourself :}

asperezas said...

when I saw the 1st seconds of this I thought she was "hi" but I wasn't sure All questions are really garbage when you are in front of such a pearl :)

I'll enjoy this over and over :)

asperezas said...

Cat Martino is soooooooooo amazing making back vocals, I had to put her label :)