Sunday, 4 November 2012

4 years Kings of Maybe :)

Let's party! :D

This year, I don't talk about the statistics because I noticed that the counts prior to July 2010 have disappeared by that time. Dear Blogger...
But we had nearly 27,000 visits. Lately, most of them came from Russia and Ukraine :) I want to thank everyone. We love you. All :D

Yeah, I know I posted this song before. But this is a take 2 and it's party and I don't care :^|

Have a peaceful Sunday :)


valerie walsh said...

Yessss! Perfect songs to kick off the party :))) Thank you for all the great music Peras :} it makes the dance, the work, the life so enjoyable because you play the best music! I hope we get to celebrate many more years :D

asperezas said...

awwwww thank you :}
Congratulations for you too :)

valerie walsh said...

Thank you Peras but it is really your beautiful taste that makes this place sparkle! sorry for being a party pooper last night, i couldn't keep my eyes open... but i am fully prepared to rock out to this party all day and night :)))
<3 everyone loves KOM! especially me :}

valerie walsh said...

ps i adore "who took the bomp?" never heard and i cannot stop dancing to it! hee hee, how are you? fine thanks!
see you later :))))

asperezas said...

Hahahaha :D fine thank you :ºD

4 years, 4 songs. I hope I'll not repeat this jape again :D
Sorry, I realised I had post the 1st song in your birthday party @ 2,5 years ago... :/ But it's an amazing party song :D