Thursday, 1 October 2009

today is the World Day of Music, they say

naturträne lyrics
from this post
"The World Day of Music was initiated by Yehudi Menuhin back in 1975, and it still encourages the people to free their minds and play loosely, spontaneously, wondrously music – without any prejudice against the different music genres in public places. ..."


ValGalArt said...

Nina Hagen! I remember her, she is like a cartoon!!! you do have to open your mind to her :) Unique!

Flor said...

She has got an amazingly expressive face! :-)))

asperezas said...

I know, Val, but I hadn't the fortune of know her.
But I would like!
Your expression "Cartoon" is fabulous!

Flor, a secret: she's a wild bird that spent too much time inside between walls...