Monday, 12 June 2017

the souvenir

A song about young people who had to emigrate to have a job.

The sun has already set on the hill. _ The port is almost empty. _ Cars are crossing the bridge. _ Fog over the river.
This day ends where _ there's no light at town. _ The silence doesn't answer _ if someone saw her in passage.
If I fail to miss you _ you've left in your place _ a souvenir to remind me _ that I'll visit you. _ A souvenir to remind...
Oh woodland, so far already _ give me news from that cold faraway. _ Don't stop to be the bridge _ of this gentil group.
Half the world went to London. _ Mariana went to Brazil _ to take the pitcher to the fountain _ of the thousand waters of April.


valerie walsh said...

This is a lovely sounding song :} have a happy Wednesday!

asperezas said...

:) thank you
You too :}