Friday, 27 January 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Mercy

Mercy is, I can say, a new band from New York consisting of singer-songwriter Mercy Weiss and the musicians Christopher Pellnat and Erin Pellnat.
Mercy Weiss is not only a cute girl but also with very seductive voice and jazzy singing style.
I'm thankful to Christopher for showing me their work and pleased to share it. Enjoy :)


valerie walsh said...

I really love the first song musically it is sublime! love her voice, it is warm and sultry.
Very good! Have a lovely weekend :}

asperezas said...

You can tell that in "War / I love war" Mercy Weiss is singing someone else's story.
Christopher explained that "Mercy Weiss wrote this song after talking with two homeless drunk veterans at Union Square Park in New York City".
The result is very sweet in my opinion :)
Have a lovely weekend too :}