Saturday, 14 November 2015

7 years, 7th and last post

We know we have a worlwide audience and a some dozens of followers but they're too shy :)
So here's our final choices, and 2 special requests from Isay, our faithful follower.
Enjoy, have a lovely weekend :)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Friday, 6 November 2015

7 years with dEUS

Never knew why this fabulous band is unknown in North America 'til last week. "The Ideal Crash", is this year's "Family Album" winner on Radar Radio, ahead of jewels as Pink Floyd "Meddle", Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti", Pretenders 1st album, Goldfrapp "Bossanova", New Order "Low-Life", and so on (check this list).

"The Family Album" is a weekly show that lasts for 10 years, where the story about an album known by a couple of generations is told. At the start of November, an election for that year's best family album is voted by the audience. So the truth about the unknowledgement of this band in North America is so simple and so incredible as this: none editor from that continent wanted to promote the band.
Beyond this song 1stly posted here, there are 2 other songs from this album here in KoM: "Dream Sequence #1" and "The Magic Hour". There are more to come :)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

dare again

Val made this crown for this blog 6 years ago and she dared to wear it, as posted here :)

Here's the song that KoM dancing queen asked to repeat for this 7th Anniversary.
Enjoy! :D

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kings of Maybe, 7th Anniversary

We'd like to thank all the visitors from all over the world. So, please choose one or two songs of your preference posted here before and comment asking us to post it again :) It's easy, just check the labels of your prefferred artists :)


Sunday, 1 November 2015

AS 5 years later plus 1

António Sérgio was one of the worlwide greatest researchers, promoters and experts of counterculture music. Working mostly as radio director, he was also journalist, reporter, columnist and music publisher.
It's the 6th anniversary of his departure and we still miss him so much. No one was able yet to surprise us every day with something different, no matter the style.
One year ago, it happened the presentation of documentary "Uivo" (Howl) together with the book "O Uivo da Matilha" (Howl of the Pack) where I was privileged to find some words of mine printed there.
"Charles Sangnoir" is one of the artists somehow supported by António Sérgio. Sangnoir usually do not compose or sing in Portuguese. But at the very end of his amazing performance, he closed the cerymony with this song thanking AS
Dictatorship of the market _ leaves you blind and gagged _ it takes a disenchanted prince _ to get the job done
When the price to pay is huge _ and we don't want hungry poets _ the fight is very hard, but noble _ made by unnamed warriors
There's a howl, there's a scream _ a soundless steel will _ to fight and resist lively _ 'cause is not the artists fault
Fashion without neurons _ must have new demons _ pop is so damn plastic _ we need something fantastic
There's a howl, there's a scream _ a soundless steel will _ of wanting no more, we are not equal _ and this howling is within you

Sorry about the image. It was the possible with a pocket camera in such an emotional and intimate environment :)