Friday, 6 November 2015

7 years with dEUS

Never knew why this fabulous band is unknown in North America 'til last week. "The Ideal Crash", is this year's "Family Album" winner on Radar Radio, ahead of jewels as Pink Floyd "Meddle", Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti", Pretenders 1st album, Goldfrapp "Bossanova", New Order "Low-Life", and so on (check this list).

"The Family Album" is a weekly show that lasts for 10 years, where the story about an album known by a couple of generations is told. At the start of November, an election for that year's best family album is voted by the audience. So the truth about the unknowledgement of this band in North America is so simple and so incredible as this: none editor from that continent wanted to promote the band.
Beyond this song 1stly posted here, there are 2 other songs from this album here in KoM: "Dream Sequence #1" and "The Magic Hour". There are more to come :)


valerie walsh said...

One of my absolute top 10 fave bands! Thanks to you for course!
I listen to them all the top, I bought every cd I could get my hands on
and listen religiously :)) love them! So happy you chose them and I agree they should be on the highest list :}

asperezas said...

:D I'm SO glad you appreciate them :)
Funny thing is that when I posted this song for the 1st time, there were no more than 10 videos available. Now there are about 200 and counting! :D