Monday, 25 May 2015

question for Ana

On last " SOS Radar" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was remembered. "The Face of Love" sung with Eddie Vedder, always reminded me another song that António Sérgio played in January 1989, on a radio show dedicated to some ethereal and unknown music. Just to put you in that ambience, I kept a little of the sounds before and after this amazing Hindi song that starts @ 1:05. I'm not sure about anything of this, and since I recorded it, I never found what it is. The sound before is something from Harold Budd's "the White Arcades". And after, there's something called or related with "Das Wunder"... After that, there would be a complete revolution with "Land of Rape and Honey" :D
What a pity, I didn't keep the original recording of this, as I reused that cassette for something else, and so we cannot hear AS talking about it...
I'm not sure if the song was played at "Santuário" topic, but I remember it was played when Sheila Chandra was most appreciated on Som da Frente.
So, Ana, my 26 yeared question is: what is this? Thank you :)


valerie walsh said...

i really enjoyed listening to this :}
have a happy day and a good week!

asperezas said...

Thank you Val. You too :}
And yes, this is really special :)
Hope Ana finds what it is... I guess it's not easy!