Wednesday, 18 March 2015

today's listenings

have a nice day :}


valerie walsh said...

WOW!!! you must have felt my vibe! I was vibing you to play some songs and you did!!!! Great post :) I loooove the first song! The second song I know every word and I think this is one of the best songs!
John promoted the first 6 live acts of the Jefferson Airplane here in Los Angeles in April 1967. They played at the historic Ambassador Hotel home of the legendary Coconut Grove and then at the Kaleidoscope in Hollywood. He was a partner in this club and they booked the Airplane and The Grateful Dead and Canned Heat played as well. I have a poster from that night on my blog.

I love this "Pavement" band! You have played them and I really love their songs. Really enjoying this :))

asperezas said...

in fact I was in great mood for posting! Thanks so much for your vibes :D
Wow, those were incredible times in late 60s :)
"White Rabbit" is for me the iconic song of JA's and Grace sung it stunningly :^]
Glad you're enjoying this :]