Friday, 26 September 2014


I'd love if Mike Oldfield did a new version of this like I did on cassette when I bought this album, excluding some boring parts and tuneless vocal others. He would be fare, once he made 4 versions of Tubular Bells. Why shouldn't he do the same to other of his creations?
So in this entire clip, I would avoid: 0:00 to 2:35, 25:15 to 27:16 (Diana..Luna..Lucina), 28:05 to 32:25, 34:35 to 41:17, 51:00 to the end.
This has movements of masterpiece. In most of them I "see" ballerinas :)


valerie walsh said...

love listening to this and i would love to dance to it too :} happy friday to you!

asperezas said...

:D I'm sure you will :D
Have a lovely day :)