Monday, 5 May 2014

views from blue glass

vidro azul

have a beautiful week : )


valerie walsh said...

two more amazing songs especially the second one! I really love her voice :} wonderful!!! Also I clicked on the vidro azul link and there are playlists with a plethora of songs, wow! thank you for sharing and hope you are having a good monday :}

asperezas said...

the 1st song is sad, but it is a very beautiful and meaningful song too. His voice is amazing! Too bad, this is the best live clip online, but there are some with studio sound with no image.
On Vidro Azul blog, you can also listen to the broadcasting podcasts.
Glad you loved this :)
Huggies :}

valerie walsh said...

yes, you are right, it is sad and beautiful and his voice is so beautiful too. I love all of this :}
huggies :))