Tuesday, 26 March 2013

May Spring come!

... or the revival of Aphrodite! :^|


valerie walsh said...

very cool :) this made me laugh! i never heard this :DD
i just mentioned him yesterday regarding great guitar players.

asperezas said...

this is so hilarious :D
I'd love to see this play.
I found something that tells a bit about it:
Act 1, Scene 2,
The Clinic of Dr. Krikstein.
On a podium, Center,
MRS. RIPSTOCK-GEDDES is posing as Aphrodite, complete with water jug.
Enter Left DR. KRIKSTEIN, followed by his STUDENTS, marching Indian
file to the rhythm of the music...
(and all the song next)

valerie walsh said...

yeah, me too! sounds great :))