Thursday, 23 February 2012

25 years after

Zeca Afonso (wiki link) was a teacher and also a poet and a song composer and a singer. But he was mainly a fighter against the fascist regime ruled in my country until 1974. As many others, Zeca helped other opponents of the regime. One of these persons who also helped others, was an artist. He was killed by the political police because of his anti-regime activities. The song below tells about it in a very poetic way: "...On the roadsides there are holes made ​​on the ground. And in all of them bloomed roses for a nation ..."

José Afonso died 25 years ago. I stood in shock, as many friends of mine. He's the musical symbol for the change.
Some time after some bands and singers made a tribute concert playing his songs. When a punk band appeared I wasn't expecting to see and feel what I felt. And it was strong and fantastic and plenty of anger and incredibly well played.
Unfortunately the registration below is far from what I saw. It is a post registration in studio with a fuk1n stupid echo. On the images, Zeca is always doubled fat... But there's no alternative...

a rhythm left in the party

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