Tuesday, 11 December 2012


There are two important rivers near Luanda, Angola. Kwanza at South and Bengo at North. Since 1599 there's a sanctuary to Our Lady at Muxima, Bengo's riverside.
It's a place of great devotion and this old song says: if you say I'm a sorcerer, take me to Muxima and I'll prove you I'm not.

Have a faithful week :)


valerie walsh said...

wow! how cool! what a beautiful song and i love the premise too! It must be an amazing place this sanctuary! thank you for sharing :}

asperezas said...

Forgot to say that Muxima means "heart" :)

Here it is, Muxima, by my friend Helder:




valerie walsh said...

i really enjoy looking at your friend Helder's blog! The pictures are great as well as the stories :) i looked at each post and he has a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing Peras :)

asperezas said...