Friday, 26 October 2012

ocean roar

The fog covering the forest and the moon, the little storms and always the ocean roar. It's been like this around here.


valerie walsh said...

you know what? i love this! never even heard of them :))) have a fantastic friday!

asperezas said...


have a lovely evening :)

valerie walsh said...

RAHRRRRRR :EEE i looked for a good song today but so much new stuff sounds like old stuff i love better :))) you have a GREAT saturday and i will stay on the hunt! it is hard to keep up with you, you know allllll
the good stuff ;)

asperezas said...

Hahaha :D

No :) I did not know the last one you posted (per example) and many others and if I knew, it wouldn't matter for the spirit of this thing :)
That's why I post old stuff so many times :)
Have a nice weekend :)