Saturday, 25 August 2012

Claire goth 2 party

have a fantastic weekend :)


valerie walsh said...

Oh you! you beat me to it :))) i was gonna post this today, hahahaha!
well i am so very happy you did because i LOVE this new clip that came out this week :) i am gonna dance and dress up in a weird costume ;)

asperezas said...

I was waiting for Friday night to post this too! If I was in the mood, of course :)
Oh I'm sorry, I'd prefere it was your post :)

I posted a 2nd clip too because I think this dance song is boring without effects and rhythmic variants in the middle. The 2nd version has more than 8 minutes!

The other day I saw in u2b some goths garden parties in Germany. Cool! You should see it! Get a weird costume and invite me to meet you! :D

valerie walsh said...

hahahaha! oh you :) well i am happy you posted it because you know what?
while i was watching the 1st clip i wondered how good is this song live and i wonder how she achieves it? and you helped to answer that question by the posting of the 2nd video! it was as if you read my mind!!! Thanks Peras, i love it and i was tickled pink! meet you at my midnight, hee hee :)))

valerie walsh said...

the funny thing was you had just said the other day that Alpine reminded you of Grimes and then this clip came out! Your timing was perfect ;)

asperezas said...

Great! :D
Enjoy: :D

Grimes uses some musicians in concerts to help her in keyboars and other electronic equipment. Saw another clip with this very song with 2 more musicians. I guess it's hard to do it all alone as she did in Radio studios even with keyboards previously sampled.

Yes, you're right! I was amazed too with Alpine and then (1 day after?) this clip! :D