Wednesday, 18 July 2012

black-eyed angels

So this was the concert setlist: Bloom, 15 Step, Morning Mr. Magpie, Staircase, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, Separator, Pyramid Song, I Might Be Wrong, Climbing Up the Walls, Nude, Exit Music (for a Film), Lotus Flower, There There, Feral, Bodysnatchers. Encore: Give Up the Ghost, Reckoner, Lucky, Paranoid Android, Everything In Its Right Place [with "The One I Love" (REM) intro], Idioteque. Encore 2: Street Spirit (Fade Out).
It was magical... I'd like to make a sequence starting from the last post (Give Up the Ghost) but I already posted Reckoner and Lucky before.
So I'm going to post something very special, "Pyramid Song":

I dedicate this post to the 1st guy who made me love Johann Sebastian Bach when I still was a young boy: Jon Lord.


valerie walsh said...

wow! just wow! the lyrics and song are amazing :)

asperezas said...


and they were all so perfect on the stage :)

Have a good evening there :)

valerie walsh said...

how lovely! this clip is wonderful!
Thank you so much and you have a great Wednesday Peras :)

asperezas said...


have a beautiful day