Sunday, 4 March 2012

post party


asperezas said...

On the image we can see an almond tree with almost its flowers on the ground after 2 days only in the tree.
We can see also a narrow path to the bridge down below.

valerie walsh said...

oooohh! i love this song and the picture with all the blossoms on the ground :) so beautiful and the perfect way to wind down the celebration :D have a lovely week to you mr.p!

asperezas said...

I'm glad you love this post :}

But oh, an "all" was missing: I meant "almost all its flowers in the ground".
And in fact all we can see on the ground are petals and two or three flowers... :/

Have lovely week too fishie pallie :}

Senta said...

Perfect combo of song and photo!! Hope you had a great day!!

asperezas said...

:) Thank you Senta! I had!