Friday, 15 April 2011

facing the sun

"SOS Radar: uma só música que faça aquecer corações, abrir sorrisos, ou simplesmente dar um salto no tempo. ..."
"SOS Radar: only one music to warm hearts or to open smiles or simply to make a jump in time.
...SOS - Save Our Souls"
This is a topic from António Sérgio and Ana Cristina Ferrão.
Last April 8, Ana told us the story of a musician who had never been to Lisbon. He asked them to see something about our musical roots.
When we are lost looking for new pearls, thank you so much Ana, for remind us Janita and how beautiful he is.

Cantar ao Sol / Singing to the Sun

love is not easy
it would be better to tear an arm and make it fly
and go around the world embracing all the world
making the joy our daily bread
and not to copy the ills of love
and kill the melancholy of love
and want the cool will
of being blind and deaf and mute
and not subdue love
the fate of each one is having no destination
and be the very image of love

putting off the heart, not suffering the ills of love
not waver and have the courage to face the reason for the pain itself
because love is sad

love is not easy

Monday, 11 April 2011


18 years and it seems 4.
With 4 years is Mariana on the right picture. She's probably singing the rage song below which she used to sing some time before in her baby's way: In Oh Eh - Soh Loh Beh ...
Well I explained to her the song's meaning about the Irish struggle to have their own home and the suffering children (I omit the killed ones which the song is about) but anyway she still loved the song. Until now!
Happy birthday Mariana :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

for the song

... and for the clip. I love both a lot and I wanted to share them. Lyrics are too sad and don't fit on me now. So this is for this song called Arcadia :)