Friday, 2 April 2010

:-) Happy Easter

Here is where I'm going to pass the next three days with family and eggs and easter cakes and candies. :-) Happy Easter!
...There off .. is still burning .. the boat of fantasy .. And my dream ends late .. and let my soul awake.
There off .. is still burning .. the boat of fantasy .. And my dream ends late .. and waking up I just didn't want.


andrea said...

It's beautiful and even accompanied by lovely music. Enjoy!

asperezas said...

Thank you!

Did you read about the owls?

ValGalArt said...

Oh, extremely pretty the music and the the place! I recognize the names from music you have played before :) also do i see a small very old chapel on this property? how old is this little place? very very lovely ;)

asperezas said...

1st of all I forgot to put an "of" for the fantasy boat... Sorry...

That is the chapel of Saint Amaro farm. The picture was taken inside the ... New Saint Amaro farm
But the chapel and the palace has near 300 years.

ValGalArt said...

:D Thankyou, that is sooooo cool! Wish i could see it better, this would make for a great little painting :D wow!

asperezas said...

I'll take some more

valerie walsh said...

so beautiful :}

asperezas said...

Hi there :)
Sorry, Blogger has this new thing that anytime I do something in old posts, it asks me to correct it for some https new connectivity and sends it to mailbox as new a post information, when it is not... :/
So I only changed the clip, 'cause the old one had some malfunction and was stopping all the time :)
Yes, it is a very beautiful song and I'm glad this clip is available. It wasn't when I made this post :D
Have a lovely day :}