Saturday, 13 February 2010

from Heligoland again

Heligoland is the brand new album from Massive Attack and the song of this post and the one of the last post have been my favorite sounds during the last week While there's no good videos like the ones I've posted before from Abbey Road Studios enjoy these ones by its excellent music :-)


asperezas said...

There's at least another post I would enjoy to make about this album "Heligoland". Is about an amazing song called "Paradise Circus" and sung by Hope Sandoval.
You can listen to the song @
more info @

ValGalArt said...

So what is the deal with MA? Do all these different artists come together to make these albums? I notice you mention Hope Sandoval and you have played her songs. so she is part of it too? I love 16 seeter, this guy sang the Angel song, that i love so much, he is super cool! "Girl i love you" is exceptional that is the same man, beautiful voice, he is very compelling to watch, i like the way he moves :D Awesome, i will buy all the music.

asperezas said...

MA are the fathers of the trip hop.
Since ever they invite great singers to sing their best songs.
The old reggae man Horace Andy is almost a MA member too...
The song here was "16 seeter" before the album @ the take of the live clip. It is officially "Girl I love you".
Hope Sandoval (from Mazzy Star and I'll post something someday if I didn't yet...) sings many songs in this album. :-)